Who We Are

Our Club

Our club is comprised of dog enthusiasts of all kinds who are interested in animal assisted therapy. Our talented club members are business-owners, educators, businessmen and women, retirees, stay-at-home moms, dads, dog trainers, and even junior handlers. We reside in and serve the communities in the Fox Valley area of Northern Illinois including Kendall, Kane and DuPage counties.

Our canine companions are just as varied as our membership. Our therapy dogs are mixed breeds, purebreds, show dogs, dogs from shelters and rescue organizations, and even couch-potato dogs. These highly trained dogs give us “their all” in every therapy visit we make.

The common thread that makes our Club strong is that we all are volunteers committed to “Making a Difference, One Paw at a Time.” What does this mean? Basically we’re a bunch of hard working, caring people who love working with our dogs and enjoy spending time with others.

The Fox Valley Therapy Dog Club would like to sincerely thank the individuals and organizations whose donations assist us in providing our therapy services. We would also like to thank Sweet Paws Retreat in Yorkville for graciously providing the place to hold our training sessions with our dogs, Old Second Bank and Rush Copley in Yorkville for providing us with meeting space to hold our quarterly business meetings and special educational workshops.

Our Mission

We provide canine assisted therapy to the public in schools, hospitals, libraries, nursing and healing facilities and for other community organizations throughout the Fox Valley area.

In achieving this mission, the club also functions to further advance and refine the therapy skills of experienced handlers and their canine counterparts.

This is accomplished through participation in seminars, specialized training sessions, and unique educational opportunities that build our proficiency and strengthen the dog and handler bond in a fun, encouraging and supportive environment.

We believe….

With our companion therapy dogs, We can make the world a better place, One person and one dog at a time.